How HappyLocate Relocates India like No One Else?

Till now, we have covered all the critical issues that one should keep in mind while relocating to a new place. As a matter of fact, our focus has always been on giving our readers the best of the content and not using this space as a method of self-promotion.

But as more and more enterprises are showing their interest in getting employees relocated only via HappyLocate, we feel it imperative to help you understand a little deeper as to what HappyLocate stands for and what makes us a favorite relocation partner in the space of corporate relocations. Also, if you haven’t read our article on What makes us unique, do make sure that you go through it.

Need of a trusted relocation partner

Relocation has been a nightmare and a tough experience for many. What could have been otherwise a simple and memorable experience is made complicated due to look-alikes and seasonal vendors, poor experience, and lack of empathy from the side of these packers and movers.

Network of Reputed Packers and Movers

HappyLocate is a one-stop relocation platform that works with India’s 75+ best packers and movers & 16,000+ hotels PAN India. Had it be moving a vehicle, moving a house, or moving workplaces, HappyLocate ensures that the relocation turns into something which is just memorable.

As of today, HappyLocate is available across 15,000 pin codes in India including key metros like Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. This helps HappyLocate maintain a stronghold over relocations originating or/and terminating to any part of the country.

HappyLocate’s unique offering

The following are a few elements that make HappyLocate a unique relocation platform when compared to others.

Each relocation that is done through HappyLocate can be covered through Insurance. This means that all such relocations will be covered through HappyLocate assurance of 98% damage-free relocations and a commitment to getting reimbursement towards any losses that have been incurred during relocation.

HappyLocate pays special attention to the way the packaging of goods happens. This is important simply because of the fact that even a slight reduction in the GSM of sheets used during packaging your goods can result in unrepairable damages. HappyLocate uses best in industry packaging standards which ultimately helps in substantially controlling the rate of damages.

More than anything, we share the enthusiasm for relocation with each of our customers. We are committed to quality control in every single relocation and we take it very seriously. Every relocation is assigned to a dedicated move manager which takes care of relocation, end to end from the day of loading to 48 hours after the relocation is complete.

This is topped up with some special perks from a range of brands to make each relocation a little more memorable.

We thrive on the trust that our customers have in us. This is what pushes us to optimize ourselves to your needs, be responsive to your requirements, and stay committed to new innovations in our offerings.

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