Want to Know More While Relocating To New City

Do you know that if a gas cylinder is included in your move, your insurance will no longer be valid (even if you paid for it)?

The month of April is marked by new organizational goals and a slew of relocations. It’s also tricky. Many people see relocation as a mental, emotional, and physical trauma. I mention this because we currently handle over 300 relocation requests per month.

Taking a break from usual informal content design schedules, I wanted to create this piece so that it reflects all you’ll need to know about migrating in the coming month from an unbiased perspective. (If you aren’t the one who is relocating, share this article with someone who is, and you will be of great assistance).

I have tried my best to keep it as sweet and short as possible. Hook up till the end. If you are relocating, we might have something substantial.

Be Candid and ask for Discounts.

That’s right. Ask for it. And most of the time, you will also get it. Just don’t be unreasonable ;).(In no way assume that Movers earn a lot of money. It’s not the money that facilities discounts. It’s the business objective).

Be an Indian

Also, make comparisons. There are 75+ Best Packers and Movers at HappyLocate, and I’ll be honest: not every packer will be the right fit for you. While they are excellent service delivery, including Agrawal Packers and Movers, Leo Packers and Movers, Interem Relocations, and Maxwell, some are premium. At the same time, some of them may not be available in your area. As a result, be cautious when relocating. Don’t worry; your relocation specialist is only a phone call away.

Ask for offers

I am unsure if packers and movers do it, but we take care of this at HappyLocate. While our customers execute their relocation (which is roughly a month-long cycle), we offer them a variety of offers that many of them find very handy. To quote one of many, while a house is locked while it was up for rent/sell, there is a massive chance that the house might need pest control.

Look-alike, Spell-alike

This entire industry is facing a problem of duplicates. I will always recommend you to use a platform like HappyLocate to ensure that you are talking to the right mover and not its alias.

Local Offices

It might not be an issue if you move to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Kolkata. Proceed with caution if you’re looking for a packer who isn’t on the list of well-known packers. Check to determine if they have a presence in the city where you’ll be relocating. You might not want to provide your belongings to someone who has a chance of taking them if you’re in charge of your transportation.

Is your Packaging Material tough enough?

This can’t be touched, looked at, or felt. It must always be a documented agreement. One of the vendors we were checking before listing them was using sheets and boards that were only a few GSMs thin. While this is not obvious to the naked eye, it saves a significant amount of money.
A4 sheets have a density of around 130 GSM. You can easily predict how few GSMs there will be.


At a lot of times, relocation can be very tricky. It’s a lot of fragile stuff, and even the best packaging might fail due to unforeseen incidents. At Happy Locate, while we have partnered with the best Packers and Movers with the best packaging standards, we always encourage the client to go for insurance.

Relocating is not just selecting Packers and Movers.

Yes. It is not. If you ever thought that packer and the mover are the ones and the only thing you need to consider, then better think again. Because your hotel stays before you move to that city, your flights while you are relocating, your hotel stays for up to 10 – 12 Days after moving to the new city (this is the duration during which you will be busy fixing your permanent stay in the new town).

Creating a house out of home

While I talk to many people who relocate, it’s one thing that I always feel. Almost all of them don’t feel complete unless they find their solace. The only advice that I want to give at the end is that please be practical. Your kid needs a great school, but it’s impractical for him to travel 1-2 hours every day to reach there. Your wife’s office is almost next to your house but your office being 2 hours away from your home makes no sense. And similarly, the same 2BHK flat that could have cost 5k – 6K per month less 4KM apart from the one you just bought might be something that you want to consider.

It’s one thing that you should know. From April 01 and May 31, a lot of people will relocate. And you need to know this simply because if you know someone who is relocating, don’t let me suffer.