Things to Know While Relocating a Vehicle

Are you moving to a new city? Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. An unplanned or half planned relocation can leave you with loads of worries & back and forth trips between your new and old city.

This article is the third in the series where we try our best to make each of our consumers aware of possible setback which they might face during their relocation.  Make sure that you have read the other two articles also (which can be found here and here). That will help you in making the challenging task a cakewalk.

This time, we are focusing specifically on vehicle relocations because believe me, it’s not as easy as loading and unloading a car in the truck.

Here is our checklist of things to keep in mind while relocating your car within India:

  • Re-registration of your car: Moving to a new city for less than a year is not a problem but if your plans are going to stretch for a little long, do transfer your vehicle registration to the new city. If you are wondering about the hazels that it might generate than better not worry, Drivekool has covered all our customers who are looking for vehicle registration transfers. Plus, there is also plenty of discount to avail.
  • Checking with your existing Insurance: There is a high chance that your insurance provider will not be happy by the fact that your car is on the streets of India however, inside a truck. And that makes it evident that there are high chances that your current insurance might not be covering the damages that might happen to your car while it is in Transit.
  • In transit Insurance Policy: This can be a tricky stuff to take care off. Once you figure out that your current insurance does not cover relocation related damages, you will be immediately searching for insurancers who does. Although, as you might be knowing the way most insurers prefer to work and settle the claims, your policy might not be as assertive as you are thinking. Make a check of minimum damage value that is mandatory to file a claim, check if loading & unloading related damages are covered in your insurance and what are the public reviews of your insurers.At HappyLocate, we take care of it all in-house. Our own Insurance policy helps us to take control of the situation in the worst case scenario and further help our customers restore their trust in us.
  • How will the vehicle be transferred: It’s very important. If it’s just about possibilities, Vehicle transfers can be done in a number of ways. To quote a few, Truck, Train, Ship, Bus (yes, even bus). More than the price that you pay and the mover that you use, it depends on the feasibility of the destination area. Confirming the same is useful as this will help you better analyse the chances of damages and the probable risk that might arise during the relocation.
  • Transit period: This is very important and the reason why this is so important is that it can take up to 10X more time in transit that what you are expecting. This happens because, for any standard relocation, it’s close to 4 – 6 vehicles at a time that are clubbed inside the truck for the purpose of relocation. Getting all the vehicles at one place might be a little tricky and can take some decent time.

Even though we have covered up all the possible aspects that you should be considering about vehicle relocation, there are a lot of use cases that are so unique that they just can’t be generalised or there are a lot of chances that we are yet to see them.

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