Things to Keep in Mind While Relocating in Noida/Greater Noida

An Image from one of the societies of Noida
An Image from one of the societies of Noida

After covering some of the busiest cities of India on our blog, we are heading back to the heart of India. This time, it’s Noida; a city so large that it further required an expansion to Greater Noida, from what was initially planned to be a sole expansion of Delhi.

Defining NOIDA:

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority or often termed as NOIDA was originally formed to shift a load of Delhi to its neighbourhoods. That is the only reason that why a lot of old looking Flats in Sector 1 to Sector 50 in Noida actually belong of employees who worked under Delhi Govt.

When combined with Greater Noida, the total area goes up to a whopping 500 sqKMs. Such a factor is the key reason behind Noida (from sector 70 and above) and Greater Noida being so empty and almost deserted at a lot of places. A lot of areas are so deserted that going there after 7:00 PM might give chills to your bones.

Noida - Greater Noida Expressway - HappyLocate
Noida – Greater Noida Expressway – HappyLocate

Noida is more village than a city:

The rural population in nearly 1.5 times to that of the Urban population. Sounds untrue right? While sector 15A like posh localities do exist in Noida, it’s just a distance of 10 KM from that place where lies localities that will bring images of a typical UP village in your mind, if not of a partially developed town. The reason is the complicated foundation of Noida as a whole. While Sector 18 looks like one of the best places to hang around, a sector called 19 on the other side of the road is a typical village with less to no standards of hygiene. The funny thing is that the sector 22, 24 and 29 which are barely 300 meters from this one house to some of the plushest houses of Noida.

The same difference is in Sector 36 and Sector 44.

Suburb - Noida - HappyLocate
Suburb – Noida – HappyLocate

More connected than you can think:

A 30 KM distance between Noida and Greater Noida can be covered in less than 25 minutes. That’s how connected this city is. Delhi is 30 minutes from city centre and both Gurugram and Faridabad being 1 hour each.

Also, Noida is well connected Delhi, Ghaziabad and Faridabad via metro. and Noida has its own metro link that will start earlier in 2019. This will make connectivity between Remote parts of Greater Noida and Noida fairly easy. Both the cities rarely have any internal jams.

However, the city of Greater Noida has worse intra-connectivity. So owning a vehicle is must rather than just recommended.

IT_Park in Noida - HappyLocate
IT Park in Noida – HappyLocate

Avoid creating troubles in the neighbourhood:

Noida is a home to communities that have been there for decades. These communities are a no-nonsense one and will not take any “out of the line” action for granted. From the same communities, there have been reports of few people taking the law into their hands and creating troubles for a lot of people.

Easing out into the city:

The city has got some amazing activities to do. While places like Noida Stadium will keep you up to your toes when it comes to health and wellbeing, concerts in BIC or Buddh international circuit are the most sought-after options for youngsters. After all, that’s the only place that can have F1 races in India and, it’s the same city where EDM stars like Avicii, Hardwell, David Guetta and Deadmau5 have been.

So rather than taking all of it over your head, it’s good to step away from the mess.

Noida Stadium - HappyLocate
Noida Stadium – HappyLocate

Mecca of colleges:

Just in a case, you have a teenager in your house, stop worrying about them going outstation for higher studies. Becuase, the entire country comes to Knowledge parks of Greater Noida to complete or begin their professional studies. The same is the reason that why companies like Jubliant, Wipro, Moserbaer and Honda have spent millions of dollars to house their manufacturing and development centres in the same city.

While you can find a lot of such colleges, Shiv Nadar, Amity, Galgotias and BIMTECH are few of the most popular ones that have a track record of creating some of the finest executives of India.

Amity University - HappyLocate Images
Amity University – HappyLocate Images

Key Takeaways from Noida:

  • Stays cautious from few neighbourhoods.
  • Pool autos. They are cheap and are everywhere.
  • Sector 36,15A,19,24,34,42,50,55,56,62,125, 136 and 150 are the ones that you should ne in.
  • Cabs might charge 150 Rs for 1Km. That happens when you move from Noida to Delhi/Haryana. So, stay cautious.
  • Some of the finest schools are in Sector 20 – 63 and Sector 125 -130.
  • Best Place to Visit: Sector 18 Market, Worlds of wonder, DLF Mall of India, GIP mall, Gardens Galleria Mall Noida and Logix City Centre Mall.

Key takeaways for Greater Noida Noida:

  • Knowledge Park is a hub for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • It’s pollutions free, quiet, has next to no nightlife and almost empty.
  • Sector Alpha, Beta, Pi (1,2,3), Pocket P4,5,6 and 7 are the one you should be in.
  • Greater Noida is far cheaper than Noida.
  • If you need to live in Greater Noida, do buy a vehicle.
  • Law and order is kinda issue. Stay a little cautious.
  • A 3BHK fully furnished falts can able availed for a rent of 15K/month and 50 Lacks to buy in Greater Noida West. So bargain hard.
  • Enjoy winters. They are much more in Greater Noida than any other parts of NCR.
  • Best Place to Visit: Venice mall, Omaxe Connaught Place and Ansal Plaza.

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