How Much do Top Packers and Movers Charge in Bangalore?

Bangalore is the silicon valley of India and thousands of professionals are relocating to and from Bangalore. As a result, they are very curious to know the charges of the best packers and movers in Bangalore.

So, if you are planning to relocate to a new home, this article primarily focuses on giving an uninfluenced answer to below questions faced by many while choosing packers and movers in Bangalore.

  1. How much do top packers and movers charge in Bangalore?
  2. Does availing of insurance while shifting through packers and movers add value to your experience?
  3. How does HappyLocate help in finding the best packers and movers near me in Bangalore?

How much do top packers and movers charge in Bangalore?

Pricing methodology followed by Packers & Movers is not standard and is dependent on multiple parameters like within city/ between city relocation, the volume of household goods, Quality of Packing Material, Distance & route, Manpower allocated, Relocation Type, Vehicle Type, Insurance, etc.

Packers and Movers charge for a between city Shifting

The Volume of Goods

Packers and Movers majorly depend on the volume of household goods determines the size of the container and thus the transportation cost.

Quality of Packing Material

The price of the relocation is depended on the packaging material, and the amount of packaging material used. Basis the number of layers being used the pricing also changes. Using sufficient material to pack items will increase the chances of a damage-free relocation. Read more: Things to know while shifting to Bangalore.

Distance and the Route of Relocation

Charges by packers and movers also depend on the frequency of movements in the route and their chances of getting a return movement. Packers and Movers from Hyderabad to New Delhi should charge lesser than compared to packers and movers from Hyderabad to Kolkata, even though both are around 1500 KMs in distance.

Relocation Type

Relocations are classified into Exclusive and shared movements. For a relocation, engaging an exclusive vehicle is approximately 25% premier compared to relocation through a shared basis.


If you are residing in a flat/apartment on the second floor & above without a service lift to transport your goods, the packer, and the mover will charge more to pay for the additional efforts by the labor and additional time spent.

Other Charges

Few cities/states have labor charges called Mathadi charges, no entry charges, and Green tax.

Handyman Charges

If the household goods include modular furniture or appliances like AC, which requires skilled labor to dismantle and assemble them, accordingly, your quotation could be increased as the Packer n Mover might have to hire a professional for the same.

Storage facility

Depending on the number of days and the volume of goods to be stored, the storage charges can range between INR.250 to INR.1000 per day. Many established vendors give complimentary storage for a few days in the locations where they have a warehouse.


Packers and movers charge generally 2-3% of the valuation of your household goods as an insurance premium.

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Cost of Packers and Movers for a within city Shifting

Packers and movers charges for local shifting in Bangalore or any other city majorly depends on five parameters

1. Household goods volume determines the vehicle deployed.

2. Quality of Packing Material which takes care of shocks

3. Workers employed for loading, unloading, packing. If you do not have a lift and the goods have to be taken through stairs, the packer and mover will charge more.

4. Time taken to complete the movement. As traffic in the city determines the time than the distance of relocation.

5. Handyman services like an assembly of AC, TV, Geyser, Modular furniture, etc

The cost of the vehicle per day and minimum wages for the labor vary from city to city, so the packer and mover charges for local shifting in Bangalore are different.

Value of insurance while shifting through packers and movers?

It is a fact that your household goods not just carry emotions but also have a financial value.

Most of the best packers and movers use sufficient packing material to ensure a damage-free movement. However, any unforeseen incidents or road conditions, or mishandling of goods while loading/unloading can damage your goods.

Insuring your goods not just covers the damages but also covers any lost/stolen items. Therefore, it is always advisable that you insure household goods while shifting to a new city. Top packers and movers charge 2% to 3% for your household goods and 1.5% to 2.5% for vehicles.

Finding the best packers and movers near me in Bengaluru?

As discussed the best packer and mover for local shifting in Bangalore might not be the best packer and mover from Bangalore to Chennai.

At HappyLocate, we have built an ecosystem of verified and authentic packers and movers that fit your specific relocation need. With uninfluenced & genuine customer reviews about packers N movers in Bangalore, the historic price charged by the packer and mover, you can now select the top 3 Packers and movers in Bengaluru for your relocation. Be it a local shifting within Bengaluru or a between city shifting from Bengaluru to Hyderabad or Bengaluru to Chennai, you can be rest assured to relocate with only verified & genuine packers & movers through HappyLocate.