Mistakes to avoid while moving to a new city

While you are moving to a new city, this is second of the two articles that we have come up with to make you aware of all the probable and possible mistakes that might (somehow) happen. Make sure you read both of them and save yourself from most of (if not all) the probabilities of causing yourself any unwanted trouble.


If you plan to call the cheapest movers, sit back and relax, expect the movers to do all the work just because you have signed few cheques then my friend, at the end of the day, you may be making a big mistake. Some moving companies may actually try to dupe you, manhandle your stuff or even knowingly or unknowingly misplace them.

The best way to avoid such an event is to do your research before moving. Read reviews, talk to friends and family and do ask for multiple quotations from different moving companies before finalizing any one. Check whether the company is licensed, check if your relocation is insured and read your contract properly before you sign it.


On the movement day, you might think of calling up a few friends, packing up all your wares in their cars and moving out saving a lot of money that could have been spent on a packer N mover service. This might be a good idea if you’re moving to a smaller distance. However, this plan can backfire really badly if you’re moving by a long distance.

The best way to avoid this is to actually think of the benefits a professional moving company can offer. You can opt for insurance coverage for your valuables, better packaging for fragile items and proper disassembly and packaging for bulky furniture. Also, if you’re moving interstate, the fuel and toll taxes may add up your cost. Also, think about the heavy lifting you will have to do in the absence of a professional mover.


This one is funny. Now, you’ve started packing up your stuff quite a few days in advance, you have arranged everything in order, wrapped and fixed all your valuables and fragile items with all the care in the world and now you only wait for the movers to pick it up. Everything looks sorted until you realize that you have no idea what’s inside any of the boxes.

The best way to avoid this is to make a checklist when you’re packing each box accordingly. Making a checklist will save you a lot of time while unpacking and also ensure that the movers treat fragile items with care and don’t leave anything behind.

If in a case, (God forbid) things go wrong and you might need to claim insurance, the checklist will be of a big help!

As this entire process can be cumbersome, a lot of our customers prefer to leave packaging on the experts.


This is one of the most common mistakes that people make while moving house. They pack almost everything into the movers and packers vehicle.

Instead of stuffing everything in one large vehicle, you may consider carrying the smaller, fragile items via your own car. This not only helps increasing space for larger goods such as furniture but also ensures safety for your delicate items.

However, we will always recommend this measure only when the budget is a big concern for you and you don’t want to shed some extra rupees on a bigger truck.


You know that hunting rifle, knife or bow you’re so proud of? Well, are you sure that’s legal to own in another state? Or do you have a collection of vintage wine and whiskeys you’re planning on taking with you? If so, is it legal for your mover to bring them across a state line? You’d be amazed at what types of items you are not permitted to carry across state lines or to own these items in some states. Check the local laws and regulations of your future home city or state well in advance.

While this one covers some very basics to-do and not-to-do of packer and movers, the other article is a candid one and covers a wider range of issues. Do give it a read!


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