Launching Hotels: Rethink the way you choose stays

More than happy, I am excited to announce the rollout of our next flagship; Corporate Hotels. From today onwards, you will be able to book more than 16,000 hotels across 300+ cities of India. Expanding on Packers and movers, this is second of the two key business units that we now operate in.

There is a lot to tell and I will jump right to what we are up to.

Introducing Incognito-by default:

We know that hotel stays are personal and it’s no one’s business to look into it. So, enough of data transfers/sharing/selling. Let’s discuss some privacy. With this feature deployed, any bookings made through our website will be kept secret. Even if it’s a corporate booking, on one hand, we will assure that your professional details are never forwarded to hotels and at the same time we will also make sure that no (literally no) details of your stay are forwarded to your employer.

This feature is activated by default for all those users who have tagged their corporate IDs and is available over and above all the amazing discounts that I will come to shortly.


Spacious rooms, private rooms at jaw-dropping prices:

We have never made as big as this ever. With a scale of 16,000+ hotels, we are now able to provide you with a variety of rooms that are not just capable of delivering memorable stays but are right under your budget.

These rooms cover everything that can help you ease out into your own self after the hours-long seminar or day-long brainstorming sessions. Our hotels are well connected to Airports and Railway stations so whenever you are running short of time, you will always make it to the destination exactly when you are supposed to.


Introducing everlasting Discounts; discounts that never die:

I have seen a lot of companies offering discounts that are limited by time and usage. We wanted to change this forever and that’s why we have introduced a never-ending discount for users who will continue to believe what we are doing.

After you complete a stay of 5 nights with us, you will be eligible for 5% discount on all the 16,000+ hotels that are listed on our site. This discount will be over and above pre-discounted prices that are available to all the users of our platform.

And we don’t end here. If you can’t manage 5 nights with us, we won’t make you wait for your 5% discounts. As soon as we get 50 employees from your organisation, a flat discount of 5% is applied by default for all the employees of that organisation.

We are working on similar permutations and combinations. We will be rolling out similar discounts in future.

Free Nights, discounts across the internet and a lot more:

We love returning customers and we are committed to having them back for whatever we can deliver. All our customers get an access to offers and discounts which are not just valid on but can also be availed at 20+ more web platforms. These platforms serve food, sweets and even something as basic as pest cleaning services.

And the best part is that once we see that you as a user is preferring our services over the alternative, over and above other things, we have deiced to reward you with free night stays. Yes absolutely free with no strings attached.

Although we are not commenting a number for now, you can be sure that they will always come as a surprise 😉

WIFI, Digital Invoices, Clean Lenin, breakfast….we don’t brag them:

Almost all our hotels consist some of the most basic necessities like breakfast, wifi, clean linen and breakfast by default. Such basic amenities can stretch up to 30 in number and are shown to you while you book your hotel.

While we understand that basic amenities are and should be present in all the hotels, we also understand that a lot of our users don’t want these services. That’s why, out of 16,000+ hotels, we have tried our best to maintain an exhaustive inventory of even those hotels that don’t include these amenities.

No matter what you spend, we have got your needs covered 🙂


Be sure, we have just started. HappyLocate is and will always challenge the status quo. We aspire to change the way India relocate and we will continue to do it forever. This is our only long-term goal and we will be taking a lot of similar baby steps to be where we aspire to be.

While you just read this blog, don’t forget to share the feedback at Also, if you are relocating to a new city, don’t forget to check out our blog which focuses on creating some of the biggest mistakes done while relocating.


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