How are Cheap Packers and Movers in India? Let’s explore

If you are looking for a short, inline answer then it’s; lethal and easy. Read below to see why am I saying so.

Just an hour before, one of our users mentioned that they have a quote from one of the best packers and movers at almost half of our quoted price.

A little back story; HappyLocate is not about cheap packers and movers. Our strength lies in delivering exceptional relocation experiences at reasonable prices.

As the user was talking to one of HappyLocate’s empaneled vendors, we knew something was definitely wrong. On our repeated request, the user decided to share the quote with us.

The moment we saw the quote we knew it was a pretentious mover and packer, who was trying to leverage the brand value of some other credible mover to either:
a) Fool our user or
b) Get some business with a misrepresentation.

Out of our pure dedication towards making relocations across India seamless and transparent, we decided to make our customers aware of the risk that they are about to take by finalizing this packer and mover.

Call it luck or our dedication, our customer admired our additional efforts and decided to finally go with us.

Here is a guide to How Packers and Movers charge for their services across India.

Finding a cheap mover is very easy. Just India’s famous packer and mover have at least 40 movers that are operating with similar names. And there will at least be 30 movers who will be ready to offer dirt cheap prices for any given relocation.

The effect lies in walking the talk; delivering what has been promised before taking payments.

We have had cases, where customers came back to HappyLocate after making payments to those packers and movers who though initially advocated for cheap and best packers and movers services but later stopped picking up the calls of the customers.

For someone who has been in the relocation industry for some time, this is not new. Almost 80+ cases of fraud related to packers and movers are reported each day.

So to again come back to where we started from; getting a cheap mover and packer is not at all difficult but the way it can get lethal is both scary and risky.

I specifically want to mention that HappyLocate has always believed in packers and movers who have provided reliable and promising services. But, purely looking for relocation with a perspective of charges is something that we neither recommend to our customers and nor to our vendors.

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