Find the right mover in three steps | Find best packers and movers of India with this method

Looking for the best packer and mover for your relocation might be a very challenging task. From finding the right price for your relocation quoted via an authentic packer and mover to checking their public ratings/reviews, and ultimately finding the legitimate version of your mover can be a challenging task. (Do you know that just Agarwal Packers and Movers (APML) have a least of 20 fake packers and movers?)

This article will walk you through a step by step process of figuring out the best packer and movers for your relocation (across India) at prices that should fit right in your budget.

Everything required has been broken down into a step by step process.

Here is how you can instantly connect with the best packers and movers across country:

  1. Click here and fit in your “to” and “from” location.
  2. Fill in your exact location. Do note that for cities like Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai the exact location can have a drastic impact on what your final quotation will look like.
  3. In the next step, “request for a call back” or fit in your inventory through your interactive profile.

That’s it. Wait for a call from a move manager of HappyLocate. The call should come within 30 minutes. In a max 2 hours from ending the call, the quotation, you should have your question delivered in your profile( and also over email).

What makes this method the best method for availing the finest packers and movers of the country:

  1. All the movers who will quote you through this method are genuine and verified.
  2. You will only have to deal with one move manager who is an expert in delivering memorable relocation experiences. So no need to getting. behind multiple vendors for multiple quotes.
  3. The task of bargaining is on your Relocation managers. All you have to do is sit, relax and enjoy relocation happening on its own.
  4. There is a commitment of 98% damage free relocation rate. Just in case if it’s a bad day and you are on of those 2% people, you will be paid in full for the number of damages that you incurred.

(Do note that such an arrangement is only available on the current value of your goods if you have availed HappyLocate assurance.)

What’s more. All of it comes for no extra cost. You will only have to pay for what is quoted to you by the vendor through online means.

Enjoy 4.8/5.0 rated HappyLocate Relocation services and be sure of a memorable relocation service that will be delivered by some of the finest movers of India.

If you have already not read our exhaustive blog on How packers and movers price a relocation, do make sure that you read it.

Get started today with your relocation by clicking here or get in touch with our relocation managers at +91 – 8884447224.

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