Don’t Let These Summers Hit Your Relocation

Managing a relocation every day under this scorching sun is itself no easy task for us, let alone be the herculean task it is for our customers.

Now that we are mutually committed to making your relocation seamless and hassle-free, it’s very important for you to take care of very basics. Following is in continuation to our 55 Checks for a perfect, seamless and tailor-made Relocation. If you haven’t been through that unmissable checklist, make sure you download it now.

1. Keep your health on track

Tiring schedules can often be the root cause of mental & physical exhaust. Always keep in mind that you have hired one of the finest movers of this country. Only then you can make sure that you are not lifting and packaging boxes on the very last day of your relocation. Let your relocation manager take care of your stuff and make sure that your relocation happens in as if it never existed.

2. Make sure that your packaging is strong enough. Yes, it’s important

Let’s consider this hypothesis is false and you somehow end up ignoring the packaging. What this will lead to will drain you out of energy for days and days. Insurance claims, movers visits and redressal can often be long and tiring. And when you top it up with your job, new city and pressure to settle, that’s a sort of mess that you might not want to go into.

3. Keep yourself ready for the new city

It’s understandable that you don’t know anything about this new city. But, now that you have 10+ super premium discount coupons provided by HappyLocate, it should not be a reason for being unaware of the new city.

Do keep a note of the fact that by being unprepared for the new city, you are creating some serious troubles for your own self.

4. Today is the best time, not tomorrow

Finalising your mover one day before relocation makes sense at least not in this world. Last day planning is the actual reason why most of the relocators are forced to go with trucks providing services. While this looks like the best available immediate remedy, zero percent damages for such services are far from reality.

So just in a case you have some sense of security for your stuff or you don’t want to run behind truck providing services on the very day you have your flight, do make sure that your relocation is finalised (with payments done) at least 10 days in advance.

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