Confused About the Prices of your Relocation? Let us help you

Ever bumped into a relocator who promised you prices instantly, without even knowing what you want to relocate. Well, that can be called smartness only in the rarest of the rare case because generally, anyone who promises to give quotations with prior to no knowledge of your inventory is “probably” just beating around the bush and “probably” have next to no interest in customer services; something that you are “probably” most interested.

This article will help you to clean the air and have a clear perspective of the right way of pricing so that in the mission of finding the cheapest possible quotation, you end up finding the most horrible one.

Prices are a factor based variable:

The heading might sound a little intricate to understand and that is because of the fact that this is actually not easy to understand it. Your prices will generally be based on the “To” and “From” locations, the type of vehicle that you choose, the “amount” of goods that you want to relocate (amount because they are generally calculated in CFT (cubic feet)), the size of vehicle that will be used for your relocation, the number of support staff that will work on ground during your relocation, the nature of packaging material that and scale at which that might be required along with a lot of other factors that can depend on several other variables, with seasonality being one of them.

Prices are never constant:

Thinking that getting a price today for a date later than 1 or 1.5 months might not be a good idea. Generally, all the vendors make sure that they price the service right and as per the right variables. As this helps movers in providing you with the best of their services, they generally put a tight cap on dates when it comes to the validity of their quotations.

Taxes, warehouses, and Insurance come over and above:

Taxes, though not charged by many packers and movers, are in addition to the quoted amount. This is topped up by the insurance premium which is directly charged as a percentage of the value of goods. To add up further, a warehouse facility that might be used during your relocation, on your instructions, will be again charged separately (although warehouse facility comes for a price, most of our vendors try their best to provide this facility free of cost to the customers).

Lowest Price is not always the best one:

Prices can depend on a lot more factors that we have mentioned. And, above these factors, the pricing can also depend on the intentions of the movers too (Did you read that a pretentious mover recently cheated customers of amount worth ₹1,00,00,000?). While all the vendors on HappyLocate are verified and genuine, there are almost 29,000 cases of frauds reported each day. So, the moment you go out in the market and encounter an abnormally low quotation from a packer and mover, don’t stop but to question.

Thinking of a quotation that is legit and reasonable? Don’t wait and send an email to and we will take care of the test.


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