Booking a hotel for business trip? Stop and Read

For god’s sake, it’s not a family trip. It’s not a weekend getaway. It’s a corporate hotel booking. It’s different. Rather than location, amenities and your allowed limit it’s also about approvals, compliance, and the long-term value that you get out of that short stay.

Read below and get to know the right way of doing a corporate booking.

1. Is your corporate hotel booking policy compliant?

What I realized after spending quality time with hotel booking team is that companies can vary drastically with their policies. While some companies restrict the chain of the hotel where bookings can be done, some will restrict bookings to their own guesthouses. Although an end to end travel planner is always great, if things happen manually in your organization then do confirm the list of allowed hotels with the relevant point of contact. Or, call any leading corporate booking platform ( which is +91 – 8884447224 in case of HappyLocate) and confirm if they have any clue to your policies.

2. What if the booking is by you, for business?

At times, you book your stays for business purpose. While that’s just too kind of you, beware, you might be in dark. To your surprise, details to hotels booked by you (even for your personal bookings) can be shared with your employer. While this might be a surprise, it can happen due to a lot of factors. This includes the way you choose to do these bookings or because of the hotels that you end up choosing. The reason for this might potentially be paged the long policies that you were never oriented to.

The immediate solution to this problem can be booking hotels through a platform that promise not to share your data with your employer. While they are rare to find, be sure, they do exist.

3. Are your hotel bookings just too sweet?

Have you ever been to sites that give you breakfast, wifi, gym, and God knows what as “Complementary”? Well, nothing in this world is free. While these sites might be great, they are charging you a lot of money that you could have just saved.

While you book your hotel the next time, make sure that your platform contains a wide variety of hotels. Choose the one with the amenities that you need so that you can save yourself from paying something that you just don’t require.

4. Why not ask for discounts?

As a responsible employee, always ask for discounts. Like we have been saying that in a lot of our blogs, that’s your right. So what if it’s a corporate hotel booking? Getting the same hotels at lesser price than generally available can be a big indicator for your employer regarding the care you share with your company.

So, go out there and simplify your bookings. And, even for a second if you feel that something is not right, we are here for you at

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