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3 steps on how NOT to get cheated by a packer and mover.

We have time and again reiterated that the packers and movers industry is one of the most segregated/complicated industry when it comes you, the consumer. While HappyLocate is committed to delivering a hassle-free experience to each of its customers, it’s...


Stressed from your relocation? Read this now

Relocation is a stressful exercise that stretches across days and even months. While we have already written an article on how can one beat the heat while doing their relocation, here is the second in the series of articles...


5 checkpoints for a successful office relocation

For a lot of us, we live to be in our workplace at 9:00 AM sharp every weekday(and for a few hardworking folks and entrepreneurs, even weekends). More than sentiments, this place has our emotions and livelihoods attached very...


Things to know while relocating a vehicle

Are you moving to a new city? Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. An unplanned or half planned relocation can leave you with loads of worries & back and forth trips between your new and old city....

Modular Open Kitchen Pictures by HappyLocate 0

Modular furniture and Relocation

Perhaps the most exotic piece of furniture in your house is a modular one. While this might be the heartbeat of your sweet home, things can get a little tricky when you will try to relocate such a furniture....

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