9 Packaging Material Essentials for Shifting Homes

Shifting Home and worried about the safety of your precious belongings?
As we have mentioned in the past, an unplanned relocation can leave you in the middle of many worries. This time, we will be focusing on making your relocation worry-free by discussing critical aspects of packaging material.

Do you know that even the most popular packers and movers in the market do not commit 100% damage-free movements?

An appropriate packaging can reduce the extent of damage by 70%, and insufficient use of packaging material can destroy your fragile items to any extent. So, we have handcrafted a checklist of packaging material that you can refer to at any point in time during your relocation.

Ensure that the packer and mover use the suitable packing material for your relocation.

1. Bubble wrap:

Bubble wrap used by packers and movers

Bubble wrap is a plastic material formed from a polythene film used for packing your Fragile & delicate goods like Pictures, Frames, Showpieces, Idols, Cookeries.

2. Carton boxes:

Canton boxes used by packers and movers

Carton boxes are made of paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. Carton boxes help packing the variety of household goods like clothes and books. Double-wall – 5ply corrugated boxes are best for packing and moving household goods. However, you may also use 3 ply corrugated boxes for packing lighter items like toys, clothes.

3.Packaging tapes:

Packing Tapes used by packers and movers.

Packaging tape is a plain gummed tape for sealing and securing. It secures the packaging of a moving box. Packers and movers generally use a 2″ packing tape.

4. Packing Paper:

Packing paper used by packers and movers

Packing paper shields delicate items like flower vases, Idols, Showpieces, frames, Shoes, Garments, Toys, etc.

5. Stretch film:

Stretch film used by packers and movers

Stretch films/stretch wraps are used to give additional stability to keep underlying packaging material in place and protection from dust, pilferage. They are generally wrapped around fragile items and large items. These films keep the items tightly bound and keep the parts and pieces together. Ensure that you use enough layers of stretch film to servce the purpose.

6. Corrugated sheets:

Corrugated sheets used by packers and movers

Corrugated sheets provide extra strength as well as cushioning to your inventory. The same can be used while packaging like beds, Sofas & Almirah.

7. Foam Blankets:

Form Blankets used by packers and movers

Foam blankets protect against nicks & scratches for sofa, Beds, TV, Glass top, Dining table, Bikes.

8.Air pillow:

Air pillow used by packers and movers.

Air pillows are used to pack fragile & delicate goods like TV, Washing machine, etc. They look very similar to what we get as air pouches, and we order something via a reputed e-commerce company.

9. Thermocol sheets:

Thermocol sheets used by packers and movers

Thermocol sheets are used to protect larger fragile & delicate goods like TV, etc. Such sheets are readily available in the stationery shops and can be bought for cheap even if your mover does not provide them to you.

By maintaining a standard packaging mandate, we can proudly say that we have achieved a 98% damage-free relocation rate.

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