5 reasons why HappyLocate nailed it with Packers and Movers

We have used a niche to create a relocation platform that is a reflection of our core values and (positive) customer obsession. HappyLocate for the date has catered to thousands who needed some of the best packers and movers service in the country.

There is no doubt in the fact that we exist because of our customers and this short write-up is all about what helped us in delivering the promises to them that were earlier perceived audacious and difficult to fulfill.

I have, in the past couple of days, got a chance to connect with our customers who have relocated in the past. This was not just an opportunity for us to learn but was also a chance to evaluate if we are delivering our promises in the way we have defined.

If you’ve never got a chance to relocate ever in your life and think that relocation services are all about moving from one place to another, think again. Relocation has been one of the areas that people often tend to take it upon themselves rather than hiring a professional mover to help them out, which sadly leads to situations that can get out of control.

From the conversations that I had with the customers, here are the factors that worked well for them. While most of the relocations are unique, HappyLocate maintains the same standard of service across 15,000+ PIN codes across the country. Probably that’s why the factors that made their relocation great were also very similar.

Hopefully, through this blog, you could take key points that will help you in choosing the best packer and mover.


No one wants a packer and mover to be unprofessional in their work. HappyLocate ensures that the packer and mover serving the relocation is extremely professional in communication and coordination. We have a strong redressal system to any mishaps with defined service level agreements.

“Their professional approach made life comfortable for me before, during, and after the shifting”

Quoted by Diptiman Banerji, Availed packers and movers from Kolkata to Sonipat

Good packaging

A thin paper sheet if reduced by 20GSM can lead to damages to a massive extent. Such a change in packaging material is not visible through naked eyes and can often happen even without your knowledge. HappyLocate has a separate policy to prevent such situations from happening. When it comes to fragile items or any item for that matter, people are always skeptical about the packaging. We understand the value of your goods and make sure they are well packaged so they reach safely to the destination. The result of having these strict guidelines is a record of delivering 98% damage-free relocations.

“Their packing is very good and assured no damage to the items. They have handled all the items carefully. Also, they have unloaded and unpacked the items very neatly”

Quoted by Sherin, Availed packers and movers service within Chennai

Availability of Relocation Manager

Packer and mover industry is full of unreliable players and people are not fully ready to trust someone with their possessions. The experience and skill of the relocation manager to maintain a good relationship with both the customer and packer n mover is our success mantra. They empathize with the needs of customers and ensure that the customer enjoys a hassle-free relocation experience.

“An extremely professional, polite and a guy who responds to your call even after the job is over, which is very rare in this transportation industry taking into account my past experiences with relocation since I am an ex-serviceman”

Quoted by Rajiv Mani, Availed packers and movers from Bangalore to Trivandrum

Transparent communication

People want transparency in communication as it is the key to gaining trust. We make sure the customers are well informed about everything including the vendor chosen and the charges included before the relocation starts. All the details are pre-informed to the customer via quotation and e-mails. We don’t charge extra from the quotation that is already shared with the customers.

“It was very prompt, transparent and fair communication – 5 Star ”

Quoted by Sujith Kumar, Availed packers and movers from Bangalore to Hyderabad

Vendor Relationship

At HappyLocate, we maintain a strong vendor relationship with
strict SOP/SLA with the vendors to make every relocation hassle-free. From movers reaching on time to their quick settlement of your concerns to an excellent packaging material, everything that makes relocation memorable is a result of operations level optimization that we have done with each packer & mover. The customers relocating through HappyLocate enjoy corporate privileges as compared to relocating directly with the packer and mover.

“They are professional and give the best of prices. We wanted to shift in a specific time slot due to some reason and they accommodated it well”

Quoted by Anushri Gupta, Availed packers and movers service within Hyderabad

Relocation is never an easy process and that’s why HappyLocate is there to help you.

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