5 Ideas to get Discounts on Packers and Movers

We love discounts as much as you 😉

I am not kidding and for real, I am actually not. The only reason why we just cannot give any discounts to any of our customers is that frankly speaking, we don’t make that much money out of your individual relocations.

The cost of providing relocation managers, premium packing material, 3-star hotel stays for delays, instant reimbursements for unfortunate damages when combined can even put us below the red line if we don’t take up each of our relocations responsibilities.

But that does not mean that you won’t be getting discounts :). What it means is that you have to be a little smart when you negotiate your discounts from packers and movers.

So here are a few points that you can follow to get discounts from some of India’s best packers and movers. As I have given step by step guide that can help you get cheap quotes for your relocation, stick to these steps in the way they are mentioned.

Use UPI apps to your strengths:

Note: Do you know that if you are paying by UPI, you can get discounts up to 10,000 over and above other discounts?

Apart from Caveman, everyone is aware of the fact that apps like Gpay, PhonePe, Paytm UPI can give you decent cash backs. A lot of companies that collect payments online will give you discounts on using such apps, over and above the cash backs that are provided by these apps.

Here is a snapshot of some popular apps:

Popular UPI apps via which you can get discounts on packers and movers services across globe. Credits Razorpay
Credits: Razorpay

Don’t miss Discounts in Kind:

Note: Do you know that if you are eligible to get ₹1000 worth of hotel vouchers at HappyLocate if your relocation cost is ₹8000 or above?

The equation for providing these discounts is simple. There is a service that companies have recently launched and they want you to try it out. And in return for your gratitude, they give you decent discounts.

In a lot of cases, such discounts can be hugely beneficial for you. At HappyLocate, you will get hotel vouchers worth ₹1000 that you can immediately use after the relocation is completed.

Plus you will also be eligible to get discounts on other related services like Groceries, Hotels, Flights and a lot more. Though relocation via HappyLocate or any other genuine packers and movers might now be cheap, such discounts will help you save a decent net amount at the end of the relocation.

Before coming to my suggestion, I will strongly suggest you never, ever bargain a deal for your relocation. Always check for the possibilities but do not blackmail movers to give you a discount. While at HappyLocate, we discourage discounts of any capacity, movers who might end up giving you discounts can bring down the quality of your packing so much that you can’t imagine.

The repercussions of the same will only be reflected after the relocation is completed because damages can only be realized after unloading.

Take multiple quotations from multiple movers:

Yes. This always helps. Having more quotes is always good and that is why each of our users will have the ability to get up to 3 quotes right from their dashboard.

At least on HappyLocate, with each quote that you request from us, we carry out strategical negotiations with the movers and get you the cost that is best suited for your relocation.

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