5 Checkpoints for a Successful Office Relocation

For a lot of us, we live to be in our workplace at 9:00 AM sharp every weekday(and for a few hardworking folks and entrepreneurs, even weekends). More than sentiments, this place has our emotions and livelihoods attached very deep to it.

All of these emotions make office relocations truly a big deal. So in order to help all those who are changing their workspaces, here is our way of dealing with the things.

Here begin those 5 critical points that you should keep in mind if you are relocating your office:

Get the furniture at the place:

Be sure that the steps to acquire and fix the new set of (modular) furniture begin at least a month in advance. These things take up a lot of time and shouldn’t be kept for the last minute changes. Do try your best to make sure that all the orders and acquisition of relating to furniture is done least 10-15 days prior to the actual day of shifting.

Work on the amenities:

It is often noticed that people tend to lose their productivity for a short period when they relocate to a new office. This will only get worse if you forget to bring all the basic amenities required in an office to a halt. Fix up your new security staff, groceries, newspapers, water and electric supply, fix the internet and all the loose electronic cables, get in place your canteen (and this is perhaps the most important one) and review the washrooms for their functionality.

This is also roughly that time when you should be connecting with a trustworthy packer and mover. Let’s make this easy. Click here to get started now.

Complete this step at least 10 days before the date of relocation

Fix up the forwarding:

As you are moving to a new office space, make sure that this fact is proactively conveyed to all your clients. Also, as there might be some mails directed towards you which in turn, might already be in transit, make sure that you fix up the forwarding of these mail with the caretaker of the old property.

The same case of forwarding will also be valid for telephone numbers too. Also, don’t forget to proactively convey the same message to any service that you use daily and still want to use in your new office. As a lot of services (which might include meal boxes for employees as well) might not be serviceable in the new area, it might take some time for your service providers ( and in a lot of cases they might say a clear no) to make these services available at the new location.

Blow the whistle:

Swing into action when 5 days are left. Reach out to your employees and communicate your relocation plan in detail with them. This is very important due to many reasons. To mention the important ones, you don’t want people to leave something behind out of there (including their personal stuff) in the office. Just like you need time to be prepared for the big deal, even they might need some.

Second, you want people to be on time at the new office. Just like being at work is a count of dedication, coming to work is also a count for the discipline. Your employees might have to relook at the way of their travelling to the office and it should be you who will have to indicate as to when they are required to think over it.

Dealing with the movers

This is certainly the most critical part of your shifting spree. It’s simply because everything in your office is directly or indirectly the reason behind every penny you earn. One flaw in the packaging of a computer machine will not just end up in losses of thousands but also a loss of work which will occur immediately after the relocation is complete.

Make sure that you are relocating with a dependable partner. Do enquire about packaging material, let your relocation expert be the only one point of contact, apprise yourself with the insurance policy and only give the contract to someone who can take care of your goods as much as you do ( probably, someone like us ).

So, you think you are prepared for your relocation? Feel free to let us know if you are not at reachus@happylocate.com or +91-8884447224. We will be more than happy to take over all your relocation related headaches over our shoulders.

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