3 Steps on How NOT to Get Cheated by a Packer and Mover

We have time and again reiterated that the packers and movers industry is one of the most segregated/complicated industry when it comes you, the consumer.

While HappyLocate is committed to delivering a hassle-free experience to each of its customers, it’s equally important for you to have an Idea of how legitimate movers actually look like.

So while you compare us from the other players in the market, here is a basic idea of how you can evaluate one vendor from another:

Confirm the registration number of a Mover:

Do make sure that the mover you are planning to move is registered and legitimate. Some basics can involve a CIN and GST numbers.

Also, do keep a note that any of these numbers are mentioned proactively on Invoices and Quotations and not just communicated verbally.

Watch out for the look alike and spell alike movers:

There are literally 30+ fake Agrawal packers and movers in the market and out the what are originals, there are two options (if you haven’t been aware, YES there are two). One of them is APML which has the maximum number of relocations and the other one is DRS.

So now you see, it can be very tricky to find the right one. In order to make sure that you are relocating with the right mover, look closely at the logos, the registered name and certified testimonials on reliable platforms.

Trusting Google reviews, in this case, might not be the best case scenario as these listings can be created by literally anyone.

Check genuine reviews:

Just figuring out the right mover does not solve the problem because no one in this world can prohibit a legitimate mover from being deceptive. When you start the evaluation of movers, do check their public reviews.

Some of the most candid reviews of movers can be found by just typing HappyLocate at the end of movers name. To show, just in a case if you are looking for reviews of Maxwell packers and movers, type Maxwell Packers and Movers HappyLocate to get the most updated reviews.

Other reliable sources can be (but not limited to) JustDial and MouthShut.

So this was our short guide on how you can save yourself from deceptive players in the market. Feel free to clarify your doubts directly with us at reachus@happylocate.com, if you have any.


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